RULING 1926.1153

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a final rule to curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and kidney disease in America's workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica. This rule requires engineering controls to keep workers from breathing silica dust. 

General hand tool operation becomes part of our daily operation, but to stay save here is some information on basic tips when using hand tools and what to avoid when using them? 

What are some basic tips when using hand tools?

Always provide training on how to choose the right tool for the job, how to correctly use each tool, and how to identify when tools need repair.

Select the right tool for the job. Substitutes increase the chance of having an accident.

Use tools designed to allow wrist to stay straight. Avoid using hand tools with your wrist bent.

New market-exclusive drill bit technology and application design has been used in Sutton Tools’ recently released Viper Plus and INOX drill bits, providing proven unrivalled performance when drilling into stainless steel. The Viper Plus is a premium multipurpose drill bit catering for handheld drilling applications, while the INOX specialises in machine drilling of stainless steel thanks to its combination of features unique to the Australian market.


In the medical, watch and jewelry industry as well as in the consumer electronics industry – the number of high-precision applications in the field of micro-machining has increased enormously in recent years. The advantages of micro-machining are clear: the almost limitless variety of shapes, especially when using 5-axis machines, and the ability to economically process any machinable material both in high and low volume quantities.