In the Aerospace industry, precision is everything. The high-stakes job of maintaining, repairing, and overhauling aerospace-related machinery, vehicles, and finished products leaves no room for error.

For years, Proto® has been dedicated to bringing the aerospace industry more innovative tools, from releasing the original combination wrench almost a century ago to adding the leading-edge technology of the TORQUEPLUS™ drive configuration to sockets and the box end of wrenches today.

With innovations of new clamping technologies RÖHM delivers an important part for developing this business.  The requirements of the air and space industry made this business to become the driver of technical development of the whole cutting technology. Loud demands to reduce the fuel consumption as well as the increase of the load capacity and range leads to growing needs of light but high tensile structures. Parallel to this development continuous adjustments of the processing technologies are necessary. Solutions for the machining of high tensile materials and compounds are asked.

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