New market-exclusive drill bit technology and application design has been used in Sutton Tools’ recently released Viper Plus and INOX drill bits, providing proven unrivalled performance when drilling into stainless steel. The Viper Plus is a premium multipurpose drill bit catering for handheld drilling applications, while the INOX specialises in machine drilling of stainless steel thanks to its combination of features unique to the Australian market.


Prior to their release, both the Viper Plus and INOX drill bits were independently tested on computerised (CNC) machines in identical conditions, including application material, downward pressure and drilling speed.

Results from CNC testing found 6mm Viper Plus drill bits saw a 45 per cent increase in productivity (time taken to drill 100 holes) and double the tool life compared with other similarly priced and positioned competitor drill bits.

Further CNC testing on 6mm INOX drill bits found they are 42 per cent more productive and will last 70 per cent longer than Sutton Blue Bullet HSS drill bits, for a price premium of only 30 per cent.

“It’s a huge saving because it means increased productivity and less downtime changing the tool or heading off mid-job to buy a new tool,” said Sutton Tools technical manager, Jeff Boyd.

“You’re getting around twice the lifespan for only 30 per cent more money,” he said.

The impressive performances are a result of world-leading ‘TiAlN Futura-Nano’ coatings combined with the latest design technology and the use of premium European High Speed Steel (HSS).

“TiAIN Futura-Nano is a wear-resistant coating which is a thin film applied to the cutting edges that keeps them sharp longer due to its wear resistant properties,” Boyd said.

The design and European HSS used in the Viper Plus and INOX drill bits is also integral to their class-leading performances, while quality control is enhanced by being made at the Sutton Tools factory.

In the Viper Plus, the 118 degree split point tip provides easier steel penetration while a 30 degree helix means the bits works well across a range of applications.

In the INOX, a 40 degree flute helix angle provides a higher cutting angle than is standard, which serves to reduce friction and therefore heat build-up. Furthermore, a shorter flute means the INOX construction is more rigid, allowing users to push the drill harder or increase the feed to maintain a higher chip thickness. The unique point and stepped core design allows superb penetration and minimal work hardening.

It is INOX’s unique-to-market combination of a 40-degree helix, TiAlN Futura-Nano coating and shorter flute that enables its incredible class-leading performance when machine drilling into stainless steel.

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