In the medical, watch and jewelry industry as well as in the consumer electronics industry – the number of high-precision applications in the field of micro-machining has increased enormously in recent years. The advantages of micro-machining are clear: the almost limitless variety of shapes, especially when using 5-axis machines, and the ability to economically process any machinable material both in high and low volume quantities. 



Micro-machining with its ever smaller and more delicate work pieces as well as the almost unlimited shape design and material diversity, is very demanding on clamping tools. The greatest precision in the micrometer range, high work pieces change rates and repeatability as well as deformation-free clamping of work pieces are expected.  To meet these requirements, ROHM has developed the individual high-tech clamping solutions of the Micro Technology (MT) series. 

Watch & Jewelry Industry 

The watch and jewelry industry is characterized by production ranging from individual order production up to large series. Here, delicate and deformation-sensitive work pieces with complex geometries such as watch cases and plates, bezeles, sapphire glasses, pushers, dials, bracelet links and rings (jewelry) are processed. The top-quality materials as well as the mix of materials require highest precision, and reduced reject rates are the top priority. 

Medical Technology 

In medical technology, high-quality and certified materials (for example, ceramics, titanium, zirconium, etc.) are used as a rule: they enable the best possible connection of the implant to the biological tissue. This is why sensitive yet safe and precise clamping of implants for dentistry or for hip and knee joints, for instance, is so important. Another requirement in the medical technology is the hydraulic-free machine interior. The machining ranges from individual production of dental implants to a series of plates and screws for the treatment of arm and leg fractures, intramedullary nails as well as systms for external fixation of fractures. 

Consumer Electronics

The production of consumer electronics, such as smart phones, tablets or laptops, requires higest productivity, flexibility and quality of the processing methods used. Only in this way can competitive advantages be created on dynamic markets. With ROHM’s clamping solutions, mobile phone shells, mobile pressure buttons, PCD boards, micro electric motors or two-sided circuit boards are processed. 

Micro Components 

In the other industries as well, there are small parts that are fitted into a larger whole, such as tire valves, gears for transmissions in the automotive industry or injectors. In all this, the focus, as is the case in other Micro Technology industries, is always on sensitive, deformation-free and precise clamping. Mostly, the micro components are produced in a large series production with high quality standards and rapid work piece change.